Our Solution

An Industry Utility: Better for banks and healthcare organizations

HealthcareTTU removes the friction within healthcare finance, creating better opportunities for both parties by inserting what in the long-term becomes an industry owned utility, to transform the underlying latent A/R through a patent pending, collateral transformation process.



The efficient solution: a clearing and settlement utility.


The HealthcareTTU removes the frictions of healthcare finance by transforming a provider’s latent A/R into a high quality and highly liquid, cash-equivalent asset, known as the Right to Settlement (R2S™). The R2S™ provides Day 1 liquidity, for hospitals, without creating debt, and increases opportunities for banking relationships not previously possible because of over-collateralization requirements.

Operating through a distributed ledger, banks have access to a verifiable and near unlimited supply of high quality collateral, while health systems receive immediate liquidity and better financing.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

HealthcareTTU, Inc. is proud to announce its selection by UBS as one of three winners from the Americas, in the UBS Future of Finance Challenge Regional Final held in New York City, November 2015. The UBS Future of Finance Challenge is a global, open innovation competition for entrepreneurs, start-ups or growing companies that could change the way finance works and how banks meet their client’s needs. UBS’s ambition is to help shape a more open and collaborative financial services industry, and to jointly develop new innovative solutions for its clients. Read the full story here.


Hospitals win

Rather than selling or exchanging a portion of specific A/R like a factor or securitization, our patent pending process efficiently transforms A/R into a desirable cash equivalent, the R2S™. This new asset provides Day 1 liquidity, for hospitals, without creating debt, and increases opportunities for banking relationships.

Unlike factoring hospitals still own their patient relationships.

Banks win

R2S™ conform to True Sale requirements of financial assets, may be packaged and sold to the bankers market, and eventually traded, with transactions recorded through a distributed ledger.

By serving as a back-office and providing real-time transparency through an independent utility, the Healthcare TTU gives banks the ability to lend against the credit worthiness of the asset, the R2S™, vs the credit worthiness of the institution.

Healthcare Industry

(hospitals, providers)

  • Improves liquidity
  • Lowers capital costs
  • Maintain control of AR and customers


(industry owned)

  • Transforms latent A/R assets through a patent pending process
  • Neutral and transparent venue of operations
  • Continuous monitoring of claims and payment processing

Financial Markets

(commerical & investment banks)

  • Gains near real-time visibility into A/R performance
  • Secures additional solutions for healthcare treasury services
  • Ability to structure capital deals based on the credit-worthiness of the asset