The Healthcare Transformation Trust Utility removes the friction of financing for hospitals, health systems and banks.

The HealthcareTTU was created to make it easier for health systems and financial institutions to do business with one another. Our comprehensive, end-to-end solution transforms latent A/R and creates a highly liquid, cash equivalent asset for health systems and hospitals, which may be used in a variety of ways to produce better capital finance structures. 

The benefit to healthcare providers is greater access to lower cost financing without factoring or securitizing the health system’s accounts receivable. In turn, financial institutions benefit from a huge supply of high quality, liquid collateral that enables them to offer more effective financing options to the health systems they serve through the Healthcare TTU.

HealthcareTTU removes the friction of healthcare financing

Impartial Intermediary

The HealthcareTTU connects the healthcare and financial ecosystems, and matches the unfulfilled needs of each with the excess supplies of the other by serving as the impartial record keeper for participants’ activities and positions.

Transparent Processing

Participants can access statements of positions and activities anytime, and reconcile, validate, audit, dispute and resolve disputes so that other participants can rely on HealthcareTTU records as conclusive.

High Quality Collateral Creation

The HealthcareTTU enables providers to turn their latent A/R into high quality, highly liquid cash equivalent assets, Rights to Settlements (R2S™). This cash equivalent is in high demand by the financial industry and opens the door for providers to receive improved financing and accelerate cash positions.

Balancing two ecosystems

Healthcare Provider Needs

  • Improved financing terms
  • Predictable and continuous cash flows
  • Reduction in payment risks
  • Maintain existing workflows
  • Reduced administrative expense
  • Actionable analytics

Financial Industry Needs

  • Image repair
  • More opportunities to lend
  • Higher quality collateral
  • New issuances for investors
  • Higher investor yields
  • Reduced lending risk

Healthcare TTU in the news

The Game Changer.

HealthcareTTU, Inc. is proud to announce being selected to participate in the second ever Cedars-Sinai Techstars Healthcare Accelerator, a three-month intensive program focused on bringing new technology solutions to healthcare. Companies selected for the Cedars-Sinai Accelerator powered by Techstars will have access to the world’s leading physicians and researchers to help advance technology that empowers the patient or healthcare professional to better track, manage, and improve health and healthcare delivery.

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  • Given the uncertainties of health care reform, including the provider investment required to support the newly insured in 2014 and future years, we think most providers will continue to face incremental credit pressures in 2014. Furthermore, we believe that the revenue enhancements and cost-cutting of the past several years may be reaching their limit and thus will not be able to keep pace with longer-term reimbursement pressures, especially in light of weaker volumes.

    ---- Standard & Poor’s August 2013